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2 bedrooms apartment for sale in Riviera del Sol


Apartments for rent in Marbella Andalucia

Apartments for rent in Marbella Andalucia

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How to obtain your NIE number

The foreign identification number is personal document that the Spanish government grants to every foreigner that wants to live in Spain for an extended amount of time. This document is necessary for a variety of things, like opening a bank account, getting a job or a driver’s license. If you already have one and would like to renew it, please click here to know more about how to do it. (more…)

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What is a NIF and why do you need one

If you want to live in Spain and develop any kind of economic activity, be it working as an autonomous, for a third party or starting your own company; first, you will need to have an identification number and then, you will need to apply for a NIF number. (more…)

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Learn how to search for real estate lawyers in Spain

What kind of real estate lawyers in Spain are you looking for? This seems to be an easy question and the answer should be “a lawyer who can help with my real estate”.

Wwhat we actually are trying to help you with is to decide whether you will like, either a lawyer or law firm with some experience, or rather lawyers who can asset your needs and give you the best legal advices you need.

Here I’ll give you some points to take into consideration.


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Marbella apartments Rentals

From the 50s, the Costa del Sol is a popular destination for British, French and Germans, and today we can say that the province of Málaga has modern infrastructure and an exceptional climate that put the head of mainland Spain in number of visitors.


User our search feature to find the best luxury apartments in Marbella.

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